Cavities are among the most common dental problems dentists encounter. Dental cavities affect both the young and the old. Fortunately, you can prevent tooth decay through proper teeth care and regular visits to park slope dentist.

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding cavities and dental care that make it harder to avoid tooth decay. Let’s look at some common myths involving cavities and oral care.

Sugar Causes Cavities

Blaming sugar for your cavities is a common practice, but not entirely correct. The truth is that dental cavities are caused by a combination of acid and bacteria that attack and breakdown your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth can only produce that acid that causes tooth decay when it feeds off sugar. So, sugar by itself does not cause cavities but it plays a big part. If you eat sugar and do not clean your mouth properly, bacteria will have a heyday digesting that sugar into cavity-causing acid.


Cavities Are Irreversible

You can reverse the effects of tooth decay when you detect it in its earliest stages. But, there is no turning back if the decay gets past your tooth enamel. Notably, you cannot easily self-detect cavities. The perfect prevention technique is good eating habits, proper oral care and visiting a dentist at least twice annually for professional teeth cleaning.


Fillings Last Forever

The truth is that fillings don’t last forever. The length of time that a filling lasts depends on how well you take care of your teeth. Fillings can last for decades when you brush and floss regularly, limit sticky and sugary foods and take care of your teeth. You may have to replace fillings more often when you fail to practice proper oral care.

Differentiating the facts from myths when it comes to cavities can help you keep a healthy smile. Preventative measures, such as regular flossing and brushing, is the secret to avoiding cavities.