Are dental implants painful? To answer this question, we must take a look at the procedure itself. The insertion of dental implants require surgical intervention. The dentist needs to make an incision in the gum line over the missing tooth, then drill down into the bone and place in the implant. For this reason it might seem like the answer to are dental implants painful, is going to be a yes. This is not the case. The entire thing is done under anaesthetic. The usual option is to go through a local anaesthetic which is when the dentist will inject the numbing medicine directly into your mouth and then proceed with the procedure a few minutes later when the numbness has set in. With this, patients do not a feel a single thing during the very short surgery.

The thing is, is that the drilling and claustrophobic nature of this procedure makes some patients very nervous. This goes above and beyond their fear of are dental implants painful. The next option would be a conscious sedation which would allow for a different set of medications to be administered, through the vein which in addition to the pain blockers will include some relaxants. In this case, those patients who have that fear of the procedure in addition to their own anxiety, will find this method most effective. The next thing to consider in the matter of are dental implants painful is the procedure itself. It is a very simple one, even though it is described as one of the most extreme dental procedures available.

Since anaesthetic is used, there will be no pain felt during whatsoever. It is the aftermath that the question will arise of are dental implants painful once again. Once the numbness wears off, there will be some pain to contend with over the coming few days and a little discomfort afterwards. The guiding light here is knowing that you will be receiving a new tooth or set of teeth in a few months and all of this is going to be worth it. Taking care of that question of are dental implants painful is easily managed at this time, knowing this. Over the counter pain killers do the job just fine of reducing pain and ice packs help with reducing any swelling. The choice of dentist is also important and should be taken with care to provide gentle treatment and effective implants which are sure to last a lifetime.