By now, as you explore the many CBD products available at the various retailers’ stores, you may have probably come across a few terminologies associated with cannabidiol that you’re not entirely familiar with. These terms are essential for your knowledge of the vast CBD products as they can help you make the right purchase suitable for your needs.

Words such as ‘Cannabinoids,’ ‘Flavonoids’ and ‘Terpenes’ may have crossed your path as you peruse the many attractive CBD products available for you and thus it is essential to find out more about them and their purpose as explained in detail at

About Cannabinoids

There are many chemical compounds contained in cannabis that constitute the different characteristics or qualities of the plant with the most essential of them being cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are, therefore, the chemicals which give the marijuana plant its medicinal and pleasurable properties when extracted for use. THC and CBD are the perfect examples of such cannabinoids that commune with different body receptors producing a wide range of sativa or indica effects such as feeling dazed.

What is its purpose?

Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system and therefore affect the memory, pain, appetite, mood, sleep, and immune system at large by giving out the significant effects when CBD is ingested into the human body. 

They are responsible for the potent healing potential in cannabis plants with major benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory, accelerate brain growth, and even contains cancer-fighting properties.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the fragrant oils contained in pretty much anything that grows, and they are responsible for the distinct aromas and tastes experienced when these plants are consumed.  From the smell of trees at the local park near you to the sweet fragrance of flowers growing in your backyard, down to the tones and tastes of citrus in your favorite beer- it’s all about the terpenes.

Functions of Terpenes

Apart from the smells and fragrances that terpenes are responsible for in your everyday CBD products, these essential oils also interact with other organisms of the plant to control the effect it has on the body hence the difference in the psychoactive experiences gotten from strain to strain. They play a crucial role in modifying cannabinoids for use in treating several illnesses.

Terpenes, however, are not unique to cannabis plants as they are also found in fruits, flowers, and other plants.

What are Flavonoids

People have typically been misled into believing that flavonoids are responsible for the various flavors found in plants. This is not the case as they are; however, a group of phytonutrients responsible for the color present in cannabis as well as fruits and vegetables.

Role of Flavonoids

Apart from giving plant material its normal pigmentation, they work hand in hand with terpenes and cannabinoids to produce and assimilate many therapeutic qualities for your body.

Flavonoids are also considered potent anti-dioxides that boosts your immune system and also provide anti-inflammatory properties thus essential for balanced nutrition.

Why you should learn

Getting to know these chemical compounds of cannabis can help a lot when it comes to picking the right CBD product for use. This knowledge allows you to know the amount and type of chemical compound needed to suit your cannabidiol needs and can further be acquired in detail at