Giving birth is an overwhelming experience, and it can also turn out to be a traumatic experience. During the birthing process, newborn babies may suffer from minor injuries either during labor or delivery. Baby birth injuries can be vital to the health of the child, and in most cases, they are caused by the negligence of a healthcare provider.

Lawyer Harry M. Roth, an expert in pediatric malpractice law, agrees that most birth injuries don’t appear immediately. In most cases, birth injury symptoms may appear days, weeks or even months after birth. As a parent, it’s important to understand the symptoms or common signs of birth injuries.

Signs your baby was injured during birth

Newborns are sensitive, although it’s expected for a child to cry at times it’s not colic but something entirely different. Here are signs to look out for:-

  • Generally, all babies have difficulties in feeding and digestion, however, extensive difficulties can be a sign of brain damage or cerebral palsy. Consult your pediatrician if you’re concerned with eating and digestion.
  • Babies cry all the time, but if your child’s cry is intense and accompanies with an arched it could be a sign of nerve damage. An arched back is a sign of pain, and an indication of birth injury. Other related birth injuries include acid reflux, nerve damage, or cerebral palsy.
  • Seizures in newborn babies are as a result of subdural and intraventricular hemorrhages which simply indicate bleeding in the brain. It is a sign of birth injury although it varies in severity, duration, and treatability.
  • Paralysis or nerve damage in infants is hard to diagnose but certain symptoms such as weakness, limpness of the limbs, and lack of reflexes maybe signs of birth injury. Such injuries may be caused by spinal cord damage or cerebral palsy.

Filing a birth injury lawsuit

When filing for birth injury claims you need to prove two things that there was negligence under a duty of care and a breach of that care. As a parent, it’s important to note that such cases take time and it’s important to ensure your child is in good health through proper treatment. Hire a good birth injury lawyer; because they understand the intricate process of such cases they are able to gather credible evidence to help you win and get compensated.

During this time make sure you record all the medical expenses and keep track of appointments as it acts as evidence. According to Philadelphia law under medical malpractice compensation for damages include medical expenses, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, costs associated with home care and specialized equipment.

Many times a birth injury lawsuit ends up affecting more than one family and protecting more families from future harm. At times more families may come up with the same case of negligence against the same physician; this ultimately strengthens your case. A good birth injury lawyer will be committed to helping you get justice for your child.