Summary: In the current economic and social context, consulting attorney should be a rule, and therefore choosing it is a very important issue in avoiding or successfully resolving the legal issues you are facing.

Body: Ideally, in the case of an accident injury attorney, you should do the same as in the case of a doctor, that is, to go to consultations, not just occasionally, at times when you make certain legal decisions. Of course, in reality, this is not always the case, but most of the time attorney is called upon to “repair” an already existing legal situation and not a consultation to avoid the consequences of such a situation. So, you often have to choose your attorney under the pressure of time, and under these circumstances, choosing anattorney can prove to be a difficult task.

  • Attorneys are very different, depending on training, experience, specialization, how to deal with cases, and human typology.
  • Before looking at some of the particularities of the choice of attorney, we need to know some of the key issues.

First of all, only persons registered in the “bar of the bar to which they belong, a component bar may have the status of attorney. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the attorney you have chosen in the Attorneys’ Bill to ensure that the person in front of you is truly attorney and does not belong to other (declared illegal) structures, as it was the case of the Constitutional Bar.

The Other Options

  • On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the attorney is not obliged to take your case but has the freedom to choose his clients according to his principles and covenants. Your attorney may also refuse your case if your cause does not promise to resolve in a reasonable time, involves a number of complications, too much work, etc.
  • It is very important to note: no case is identical to another and therefore, never proceeds from the premise that other cases you have heard have been resolved in the same way.
  • The attorney-client relationship must be trustworthy. An attorney needs to know all the details of the case, even the aspects you consider irrelevant can contain important clues. Attorneys hate “surprises,” so they need to know uncomfortable details, even if you do not enjoy it. Think about it is not just awkward but also risky to hear them for the first time in the courtroom, from your opponent. Correctly, a good attorney does not have to lie to you but must give you an overview of what follows and answer all your questions. A good attorney must also be a good psychologist.

Further, it is very important to know your case, to know what strengths and weaknesses it is, to try a more objective assessment of the situation to have an image of what you can get and what you can lose, following a suing. So, if the situation allows, you can ask for advice from more attorneys, reasonable as the fee. Moreover, it is possible to discover a variant that does not involve the act of justice, which is an achievement in terms of saving money, time and emotional load.