Mimosa Tenuiflora has been used for thousands of years by ancient cultures from all of the world. During the age of the Ming Dynasty in ancient China (1368 to 1644) Mimosa bark was commonly referred to as “Collective Happiness Bark” being used to treat soldier’s who returned from war with extreme trauma.  On the other side of the world the Mayans also discovered the amazing healing properties of this Soul Herb using it to elevate spiritual awareness. Throughout the twentieth century the healing properties of this Sacred Herb were mostly unknown to people in the west but in in the last 10 years with more tourists going to South America to experience Ayahuasca and the traditions of ancient tribes Mimosa Root Bark Tea is beginning to be recognized in the USA.

While this Soul Herb is used to bring about spiritual progression by physically cleaning the heart and liver while at the same time purifying the meridians that connect them. Mimosa when ground into powder can be applied to burn victims as it kills infections and promotes tissue growth, this practise has been used by American Indians in the area that is today know as California for hundreds of years. During the San Juanico disaster in the 80’s there were more than 5000 burn victims. With California’s medical supplies in short supply doctors turned the Mimosa soul herb to treat victims.
The same properties that promote tissue growth double as a cosmetic that can be applied to your face to remove toxins & oils.

However, the most impressive and widely used reason for “Mimosa Tenuiflora”
is to improve health, vitality & mood. The Root Bark is rich in antioxidants & micronutrients making it the perfect suppliant to boost and strengthen your immune system. High in Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and even trace elements of cooper this powerful brew is gaining popularity in world of Herbal substances.

The tree is commonly know in Per as Jurema Preta but it also goes by other names in different parts of the world. In Spain it’s know as Tepezcohuite & in Portugueseit’s know as Calumbi. Other common names for this sacred herb is  Jurema   Carbonal, Cabrera, Jurema, &
Black Jurema.

The Amazon tribes of Peru simply boiled the powdered or shredded Mimosa Root Bark and drank the brew but honey can be added for a more pleasant taste. Whatever name you find it by be sure to give this truly amazing Herb a chance to improve your life.

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