Many contra angles available on our website. It is time for you to filter one by one of it from We provide low-speed contra angle handpiece. Check its specification below.

  1. Bien Air 1:1 Contra Angle Blue Ring Handpiece

This is the most expensive contra angle we offer and provide. We tag it $1,745.99. It uses Swiss microtechnology and it is designed and manufactured in the heart of Valley. It is quite an operation and commonly used in endodontic surgery, ontology, and implant restriction. It is perfect for you who love a perfection.

  1. Dental E Type Contra Angle Low Speed

This is the cheapest contra angle low speed which only $58.99. It is made by Oyodental and offers you extra discount up to $3 if you buy in bulk. We offer 12 months warranty with a credit card and PayPal payment method. The feature consists of spring type cartridge with 1:1 ratio.

To choose whether the cheap or expensive depends on your marketing target. You should make a separate mark for your patients and divide them into two of the general group. If it is a lot of VIP patients who want to get the best service using the best tools, you should use the expensive product which packaging in an exclusive way.

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