Bad breath is a big problem for many people. The odor emanating from your mouth varies with respect to the cause of the odor. A lot of people tend to overestimate the extent of bad breath that they are suffering from, even when they may have a negligible bad smell. On the other hand, some people actually have unflattering breath but are not aware of the situation. Sometimes it may be difficult to gauge bad odor on your own and it may help to ask your spouse or any friend or family member about your breath.


Some of the most common causes of bad mouth odor include food stuck between your teeth which undergo breakdown by bacteria and give out the foul odor. Some specific food like onion, garlic, and other spices tend to be responsible for bad smells emanating from your mouth.

Another major cause of bad mouth odor is the use of tobacco and tobacco products which are directly responsible for the bad smell. Smoking usually results in sustained complaints of foul smell from the mouth. In older people, another common reason is uncleaned dentures. Also, poor dental hygiene is a major cause of this condition in people of old ages. Not flossing your teeth regularly will cause plaque which is basically a film of bacteria responsible for multiple dental issues including bad breath and gum diseases.

Dry mouth and tongue can also be responsible for bad mouth odor. Saliva is an important component of your mouth which helps get rid of foul particles and other sources of a foul smell. One of the most common reasons behind a dry mouth is sleeping with your mouth open. This can cause a dry mouth for long periods of time and result in a foul-smelling breath.

Certain medications can also cause bad breath and there is little that can be done about it. These medications may be essential for your health and well-being and your only alternative is to ask your physician for alternative medication that does not have such an effect. However, medications may not always be available. Sometimes dental procedures and surgical treatments may cause wounds that may result in mouth sores which give out a bad smell. Certain diseases may also be associated with a bad odor from your mouth too.

Quick Remedies

The above are some of the reasons why you may have bad mouth odor and the most simple of these causes can be easily removed by a couple of fast remedial measures. You should first make it a habit to brush your teeth and clean your tongue after every meal. Apart from that, drinking water and regularly using dental floss can be of great help. Sticking to great dental hygiene habits and keeping track of any odor on your breath will help you stay away from bad smell. In some cases, it may be beneficial to have a natural mouth freshener at hand.