One does not joke with the choice of one’s dentist. Indeed, it is the health of your teeth, of course, but also of your overall health, because we know from now on, the oral context is intimately linked to the rest of the body. Poorly maintained teeth can cause many problems: tartar formation, caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis, tooth loosening, but also local infections that can degenerate and spread throughout the body.

The tooth is directly connected through its root and its seat to the blood and nervous systems which explains the potentially rapid spread of diseases throughout the body. Hence the importance of using a Certified dentist and experienced for a serious care and ensure the health of your teeth.

What Is A Good Dentist?

A good dentist must first be able to attest to the professional qualifications and diplomas required to practice. So demand a recognized dental office and qualified dentists. Then, fundamental criteria make it possible to determine the seriousness of this or that dentist. The cabinet must absolutely meet very strict hygiene standards; the dentist must have an extremely clean consultation room, sterile equipment and disposable.

Other Things

In addition, the Chattanooga TN dentist clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology – the assurance of practices that are consistent with the latest advances in the field of dental care and optimal pain management. A specialized and complete equipment allows to detect instantly all pathologies of the tooth and thus to be able to set up the most adapted care.

A successful dental practice is able to provide routine care but also includes several specialists to the needs of each client: dental implantologist, dentist, orthodontist, etc. Each patient must be able to benefit from a care adapted to his situation.

Finally, a good dentist always carries out an oral assessment at the first consultation in order to get to know his patient better and thus to ensure a better follow-up on the long term. He can provide advice adapted to maintain good dental hygiene and a nice smile.

Does the dentist take the time to prepare a medical questionnaire?

The medical questionnaire is essential for a comprehensive understanding of your health and medical incompatibilities for prescriptions. Indeed, in some cases, tooth pain can come from the sinuses, or headaches can be caused by dental pain…

Does the dentist take the time to announce medical procedures?

It is always unpleasant not to know exactly what acts the dentist will perform. Our opinion is that a dentist must take the time to detail the patient’s actions, and of course, to validate the most complex acts with a quote and to shed light on the benefits and risks before obtaining the patient’s consent.

Does the dentist let you express your feelings enough at the beginning of the appointment?

Indeed, it is important that your pains and impressions are understood by the dentist to help with the diagnosis.