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Seven Important Perks of Functional Medicine

In conventional medicine, practitioners assess a patient’s symptoms and focus on treating them, instead of the underlying cause behind them. Functional medicine does the opposite: it aims to address the root causes of ailments for a holistic approach to health. Here’s a more detailed look at how functional medicine benefits patients. 

A Focus on Prevention

With conventional medicine, doctors address symptoms as they develop. In functional medicine, getting to the root cause of illness and developing a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s lifestyle factors can help them lay the groundwork for better health in the future. In doing so, the patient gains more control over their wellness and learns about the measures they can take to better care for themselves.

Science-Based Healthcare

Functional medicine is grounded in science. Doctors rely on evidence-based approaches and stay on the cusp of emerging research to provide the best level of care for their …

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Available Chinese medicines stores for Chinese medicine for flu

Chinese medicines since ancient times are made on the basis of natural components of medicinal plants, minerals, extracts of animal origin.

Chinese medicines for human action

Traditional medicine gives its own explanation of the effects of drugs on the human body. Without having, of course, scientific criteria for determining the indications and contraindications to the use of this or that remedy and the interpretation of the mechanism of its action, the Chinese physicians of antiquity brought to their observations and conclusions the philosophical views of their time, such as, for example, the doctrine of the five primary elements. That is why they attached such importance to color, taste and other, purely external, properties of medicines.

On these properties, a conclusion was often made about the conformity of a given remedy to a primary element and a certain organ. So, according to the views of that time:

  • Green and acidic medicines
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