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Reasons Why You Should Share Your Health Story

One can never feel comfortable when they are sharing their problems with others since one feels vulnerable when they are opening their heart and their mind to others. While you will be nervous and uncomfortable when sharing your problem with other individuals, you are set to benefit in the long run if you decide to open up and seek help. When one keeps their feelings or their emotions bottled they create shame and they create a thought that they are wrong but one needs to have the guts to decide what befits them and go for it. Never rule out the possibility of obtaining help by sharing your problem with others as here are reasons why it is advisable to share your health story.

One benefit of opening up is that it is a healing process since one gets a therapeutic experience when sharing their story. You will be relieved a heavy burden that is resting on you when you share your emotions and feelings with others with the view to obtain help. When you have an illness, you will benefit by seeking medication from the doctors as much as one will benefit by having emotional support from those close to you. Never fear to open about your illness as you will have nothing to lose.

One should also consider sharing their health problems to avoid the risks and the consequences that come with one’s decision of not disclosing their health problems. A good example is when you are may have a good job but suffer depression or stress but instead of turning to therapists for help, you turn to drugs. If one gets noticed by their employer with the cases of drug use, the employer may run the ten panel drug test, and if you are found to have been using the drugs, you may end up losing your job. Never get to such a situation of losing your job due to use of drugs but share your health story with others as it will get you through the illness.

You will also obtain the necessary help when you open up about your health situation and even get to know individuals in a similar condition and at the end you will feel less alone. When you have the support, it makes you feel less alone during the fight against the disease and illness, and you feel better by relating with others. It is also an opportunity for one to learn about their particular health problem as long as they share it. When you seek help, there are individuals who will offer you advice, and you will need to keep eyes and ears open to learn as others share their experience or what they think about you. You will have the opportunity to learn from medical professionals, other experts and even yourself but only if you are willing to share your problem.